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Big weekend for the little hummers

I’ve written before about Phoebe the hummingbird and her awesome live webcam in Southern California. You’ll recall she had the chick, Sassy, who did not develop normally and died despite last-minute human intervention. Since then, she has been incubating two new eggs in another nest in the same lovely rosebush. They are due to hatch this weekend, probably in the early morning, according to the knowledgeable folks who visit the site.

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Phoebe's eggs are the size of Tic-Tacs, in a nest the size of a golfball.

Just a few miles from Phoebe is another hummer webcam. This one features Buzzie Bea and her two chicks, Velcro and Zipper. These adorable little guys will steal your heart. You can see their fuzzy colors, something poor Sassy never developed. Viewers are now betting on when these two hummers will fledge, or leave the nest. Many are guessing it will happen this weekend.

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Things are getting snug for Velcro and Zipper, even with Mom away.

Both webcams are well worth visiting, if only to soak up the luscious spring color and the sounds of light breezes, windchimes, and birds calling in the background. Great balm for the winter-weary soul.