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Wilma’s ‘victims’?

At the risk of seeming callous, or worse, I have to wonder if Hurricane Wilma’s “victims” in Florida aren’t in large part responsible for their current plight. Those people had several days’ warning that Wilma was coming. Why on earth didn’t they either evacuate or stock up in preparation for the storm? Florida gets hit by several hurricanes a year; how can Floridians possibly be so unprepared… and then sit there howling at the inept Federal government because they don’t have food and water? Come on, people. You know the drill. Accept some responsibility for taking care of yourself.

Katrina chaos: Not Bush’s fault

Well, not exactly. Not if you go with that contorted reasoning that says something about Kyoto and global warming, etc. But when you read what Molly Ivins wrote in her column, released Thursday, you will perhaps reconsider whether Bush and his administration do bear some measure of responsibility.

Ivins obviously and rightfully shows her bias in her column. It is commentary, after all. Nevertheless, the facts she presents make interesting reading for the thoughtful and open-minded.