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Category: Green


It’s fladry vs wolves in Oregon

Until today, fladry was not a part of my vocabulary, but it certainly is now. Fladry, it seems, is one of the nonlethal methods Oregon ranchers are employing to keep […]

deer on ice

‘Blow job’ saves stranded Canadian deer

Here’s to human ingenuity and compassion! Who would have thought to use a helicopter to blow a stranded deer off dangerously thin ice? Obviously, this Canadian chopper pilot, Dave Farrell, […]

Cuteness factor: 10

These are just a few of the pictures in a Huffington Post slideshow entitled “They Don’t Care About Sequestration.” Dumb title, dumb excuse to tack a cute but otherwise unrelated […]

snow on deck

Snow-eating sun

As I mentioned yesterday, we had a bit of a blizzard here. It snowed all day, dawn to dusk and then some, and most of it came in horizontally. The […]

Denver snow, Feb 24

Denver snow brings same old question

Hurray! It snowed today. A lot. It was snowing when I got up this morning, it snowed all day, and it’s expected to keeping snowing until midnight or so. The […]

Winter watering

Spectacular day today in Denver. Clear blue skies, bright sunshine, light breeze, 60°. Perfect day for the kids to go skiing and me to water all my new plantings from […]

Requiem 2019

Requiem 2019

I read somewhere that when you can’t change someone’s mind with logic and reason, use emotion. To those killing whales illegally and to those who turn a blind eye to […]