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East Face, Longs Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park

Webcam offers great new view of Longs Peak

Interesting note here for those who enjoy webcams. The National Park Service has repositioned one of my favorites, the Longs Peak webcam in Rocky Mountain National Park. The previous view […]

Fern Lake Fire cooling under new snowfall

The Fern Lake Fire still burns or smolders in Rocky Mountain National Park near the town of Estes Park, but recent snows are cramping its style, as had been hoped. Here’s a […]

Texas has beaches, too

Maybe one of you Texans can answer this. In a new BP commercial, there are representatives from Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida sitting at a table on a beach talking […]

Mistletoe is not holly

I was browsing for mistletoe images today, thinking about possibly decorating the Pied Type header for Christmas. You wouldn’t believe the not-mistletoe images that came up. People, mistletoe is not […]

Fern Lake Fire, Rocky Mountain National Park

Fern Lake fire lines hold

Good news on the Fern Lake Fire burning near Estes Park. Although winds gusted to more than 60 mph overnight, fire lines held and the fire did not advance toward […]

This is December?

Holy cow! My outdoor thermometer says 69°!! (Oops, up to 70° while I was writing.) It’s December 2 and this is Denver, Colorado. Where’s the snow? Where’s the cold? Maybe the […]