Thinking of Japan

The Denver Post has published a large gallery of photos from the earthquake disaster in Japan. So has the Boston Globe. Leave the banner headlines, talking heads, and speculation behind; contemplate for yourself the enormity of the tragedy … … and give… Read More ›

Warm is good said the high today in the Denver metro would be 62°. My thermometer disagreed. It said 66° when I took the dog out for a turn around the block. I put a sweatshirt on over my T-shirt before I… Read More ›

Sure cure for winter blahs

Winter getting you down? Here’s a suggestion: Phoebe the hummingbird has two new babies, Bea and Jay, in her nest in Southern California. She’s on a live, streaming webcam, complete with all the spring sounds of birds chirping, hummer wings… Read More ›

Bierstadt was here

And you thought artist Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) made it all up. Above is a webcam shot from Rocky Mountain National Park. But as soon as it filled my screen this afternoon, I thought immediately of Bierstadt’s paintings. This looks like… Read More ›