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Category: Rocky Mtn Natl Park

Webcam view, Rocky Mountain National Park

Bierstadt was here

And you thought artist Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) made it all up. Above is a webcam shot from Rocky Mountain National Park. But as soon as it filled my screen this […]

Just another mountain vista

Clouds in Rocky Mountain National Park fill passes on the Continental Divide. No good reason to post this webcam shot other than I thought it was interesting. The antics of […]

Rain in the Rockies

Rain! To fully appreciate it, your state has to have recently suffered the most expensive fire in its history, the Fourmile Canyon fire near Boulder that destroyed 167 homes. You […]

Rocky Mountain matinee

I finally got my act together yesterday and headed into the mountains for a little leaf peeping and a fried trout lunch in Estes Park. Then I opted for wildlife […]

OMG, Palinese is contagious!

My grandfather was the first concessionaire here in the park. He had the park service contract to bring people here so they could experience Rocky Mountain National Park. In my […]

Because it’s there

I posted this picture because I couldn’t go through another day being greeted by Ugly Bat Boy (previous post), although I’m sure he’s a very sweet kitty. The above is […]