As ye sow …

The anti-abortion radicals have promulgated a lot a violence in America in recent years, usually directed not at people they know personally but at strangers with whom they disagree. It doesn’t take much to imagine what would happen if everyone went out and shouted down, blockaded, bombed, and even killed people they disagree with. Political, religious, or personal disagreement — it doesn’t matter. Ours is a nation of law. I’d hoped the shocking murder of Dr. George Tiller in his own church []

Putting patients first

I was deeply saddened yesterday to hear that Dr. George Tiller’s family had decided to close his Wichita, Kans., women’s clinic. Certainly no one could blame them. After years of controversy, harassment, and violence, Tiller was murdered last week by an anti-abortion activist. As a family, they must have felt they could give no more. But I thought of how the closing was a victory for the murderer and others of his ilk. I thought of the women who, in the future, []

By their deeds, we shall know them

Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed today during Sunday services at his church in Wichita, Kansas. He was married, the father of four, and the grandfather of ten. Tiller performed controversial late-term abortions at his Wichita clinic and was called “murderer” by his anti-abortion detractors. Now one of them has murdered the “murderer.” “Pro-life,” my ass.

Using their indoor voices

With more grace, tact, and diplomacy than the other principals managed to display this week, President Obama delivered his commencement address today to Notre Dame’s Class of 2009. The controversy surrounding his appearance had risen to fever pitch. A pro-choice advocate was going to speak at the nation’s preeminent Catholic university! (Gasp!) University supporters were vocal but divided. Anti-abortion advocates flocked in from across the country to exploit the opportunity for publicity. The media were positively salivating over the whole thing. The []

Determined Obama hits the ground running

The UK’s Guardian today published an interesting, detailed list of Barack Obama’s activities during his first 100 hours in office. It’s a good read; I have to admire the man who actually lived through it, doing everything on the list. Among the items I most enjoyed: 4 Then the words: “We reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals.” George Bush, sitting to his left, looks decidedly uncomfortable [as he should]. 21 Issued an order instructing government agencies to []

Why I’m voting for Kerry

I’m voting for John Kerry. Why? I’ll try to keep it simple. I have several issues that usually decide elections for me: the environment and women’s rights (pro-choice, not pro-abortion). For me those issues have never been negotiable. I almost voted for Bush the first time. He seemed moderate enough, although not particularly qualified to be president, and Gore was very hard to like. But Gore had the experience and the record I wanted to see in my president, so I voted []