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Category: Health

shingles vaccine

Don’t overlook the shingles vaccine

The planets finally aligned today and I got my shingles vaccination. I’ve been intending to do it ever since the vaccine was approved about five years ago. But I’d ask […]

Update on the triamterene shortage

Just a heads up to readers that I’ve added some new information to my earlier post about the nationwide shortage of triamterene/HCTZ. It seems there was indeed a recall, initiated […]

Kevorkian dead but his legacy remains

Dr. Jack Kevorkian, popularly known as “Dr. Death,” died today at the age of 83. His participation in and support of physician-assisted suicide brought him fame — or infamy, depending […]

Chicago school bans brown bag lunches

If you think the government shouldn’t be telling you what to eat, you’re going to love this. The Little Village Academy in Chicago has forbidden its students to bring lunches […]