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Category: Health

Colorado too eager for organ donors

Think government is getting too intrusive? Then you’re going to love this — not. Some Colorado legislators are proposing that residents be considered organ donors by default. Yep, they want […]

Manners are not out of date

I’ve complained before about what I perceive as the coarsening of America (eg, here and here). Manners are becoming a lost art; rudeness and bad language are increasingly accepted as […]

How to tackle complex legislation

President Obama held a press conference this morning. Nothing new in that. In this election year, I’ve pretty much glazed over whenever he shows up. He did, however, propose something […]

Yes, MD board certification matters

The New York Times posted an article yesterday that just caught my attention. It was about our perceptions of foreign-born and foreign-educated doctors. And though I started reading to see […]

Focus on the Family ad: Part II

Y’all remember back during the Super Bowl, there was a big flap about the evangelical group Focus on the Family running an ad with Tim Tebow and his mom? Pro […]

Grandma’s tinted windows

Here’s a quick bit of unsolicited advice: Tint your car windows. For one thing, it looks cool. And in fact, it is cool. It will keep your car’s interior cooler. […]