Putting patients first

I was deeply saddened yesterday to hear that Dr. George Tiller’s family had decided to close his Wichita, Kans., women’s clinic. Certainly no one could blame them. After years of controversy, harassment, and violence, Tiller was murdered last week by… Read More ›

Using their indoor voices

With more grace, tact, and diplomacy than the other principals managed to display this week, President Obama delivered his commencement address today to Notre Dame’s Class of 2009. The controversy surrounding his appearance had risen to fever pitch. A pro-choice… Read More ›

Don’t computerize my doctor

One of the first savings/efficiencies mentioned in the discussion of health care costs was greater implementation of electronic record keeping. Makes sense, right? After all, this is the computer age, the age of the Internet. It seems logical to make… Read More ›

We come bearing gifts

Over the weekend I heard stunning news: many of the nation’s largest health care organizations are banding together and offering to help President Obama reduce health care costs!! That they’ve gotten together and made the offer, I can believe. That… Read More ›

Thank you, Arlen Specter

It doesn’t hurt my feelings at all that Pennsylvania’s Sen. Arlen Specter announced today he is jumping from the Republicans to the Democrats. I’m sure the MSM will keep everyone up to date on everything this means for Specter’s career,… Read More ›