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Category: Health

Health care reform hiding in stimulus bill

[Note: Apparently the link to the McCaughey story referenced below was broken when this entry was posted. The problem has been corrected and I apologize to my readers.] Barack Obama […]

Determined Obama hits the ground running

The UK’s Guardian today published an interesting, detailed list of Barack Obama’s activities during his first 100 hours in office. It’s a good read; I have to admire the man […]

Something you cannot live without

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, and potentially deadly gas. Yet I only recently ordered a carbon monoxide detector for my home. It took four recent deaths in Colorado […]

When is food not food?

**Rant Alert** I was in the supermarket the other day passing the dairy section. And there they were, side by side — DanActive, Activia, and several similar items with even […]