Leave Libya to the U.N.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has explained clearly that establishing a no-fly zone over Libya means bombing Libyan air defenses. Enforcing a no-fly zone could also mean bombing airfields and/or shooting down Libyan aircraft. That’s war, folks. Bombing another country is… Read More ›

Awed by the Egyptian people

International policy concerns aside, who isn’t thrilled with what the Egyptian people have accomplished? Who could have imagined their massive demonstrations against Pres. Mubarak would remain largely peaceful, much less succeed? But they did. And the army, instead of suppressing… Read More ›

Attacking America

In today’s Washington Post, Ted Koppell writes convincingly that it’s time we stop playing into bin Laden’s hands. We have, in so many ways, exceeded what would have been an appropriate response to the 9/11 terror attacks. And nine years… Read More ›