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Arizona takes lead on illegal immigration

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has just signed the state’s new anti–illegal immigration bill, SB 1070, into law. Hats off to Arizona. It’s about time somebody, somewhere did something about enforcing U.S. immigration laws.

Our southern border states, more than any others, take the brunt of illegal immigration into this country. Illegals pour across the border into these states every day, and unless and until those people move further into the country, the border states are stuck with them. In no time, they blend into the local population and unless they are found, arrested, and deported, they will remain, helping themselves to education, health care, community resources, and jobs that are provided to, intended for, and financed by legal residents and citizens. Worse, many hardcore criminals — drug dealers, gang members, etc. — are coming in, taking advantage of our lax law enforcement and open society.

Anyone crossing into this country without the proper papers is in violation of U.S. immigration law and is by definition a criminal. Under law, the only rights they have here are arrest, legal counsel, and deportation. It doesn’t matter if they never commit another crime, if they came with only good intentions, or if they are trying to support a family. They knew they were breaking the law when they stepped across the border. They continue to break the law by staying here. What part of illegal does federal law enforcement not understand? What part of illegal do today’s protesters not understand?

If you’re in this country legally, you have nothing to fear. Instead of protesting about racial profiling, why not support law enforcement and help stop the massive illegal immigration that brought us to this point?

Bravo, Gov. Brewer. Bravo, Arizona.


See text of Gov. Brewer’s statement here.

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