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Category: Law

#Enough won’t be enough

The media yesterday were full of pictures and stories about students across the country walking out of class in remembrance of the seventeen killed in Parkland, Fla., two weeks ago. […]

GOP supports (their own) gun-free zones

A number of Republicans, while denouncing gun-free zones for others, enforce a few for themselves. An article on Alternet notes five places that Republicans, for their own personal safety, maintain […]

Unexpected sources

It was cold and snowing yesterday, and I spent the afternoon playing video games. Some Assassin’s Creed: Origins, a bit of Warframe, but mostly Civilization VI. The latter is full of […]

Walmart: Just another shooting

By now you may have heard about the Walmart shooting here in Thornton, CO, Wednesday evening. And one or two of you might even have remembered I live here. But […]

If they’d been armed …

I’ve already had my say on this subject. Far too many times. Congress and the NRA can go peddle their excuses somewhere else.

Roe v Wade, 44 years strong today

I almost overlooked this with the Women’s March yesterday. And this is really a part of that. Today is the 44th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that freed […]