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Category: Law

We need more Elizabeth Warrens

On September 20, before the Senate Banking Committee, Sen. Elizabeth Warren ripped Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf to shreds (over the opening of as many as 2 million unauthorized accounts). […]

Got him! Local graffiti vandal caught

I’m delighted to report that the jerk seen spray-painting the boulders on Lookout Mountain a few days ago has been caught. And I’m even angrier now that I’ve learned he’s […]

Hang ’em high

Our local KMGH Channel 7 ran this story at 6 pm. Also KUSA Channel 9, KDVR, KCNC, and The Denver Post. Two vandals were caught in the act and on camera, brazenly spray […]

Special interests doom Zika funding

A bill in the US Senate that would have funded research to fight the Zika virus in this country failed yesterday. Why would such a critically important bill be voted down? […]