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Category: war on women

Harry Reid, The Hill

Jobs, jobs, jobortion

This is an admittedly liberal view of what Republicans are doing about “jobs, jobs, jobortion,” as Rachel Maddow puts it. Nobody does liberal better than Maddow. Briefly, Maddow goes off […]

War on women continues

The war on women continues. Of course it does. It hasn’t stopped just because I ran out of expletives. Temporarily. But while I’ve paused to catch my breath, others have […]

Planned Parenthood PAC video

Women will remember in November

An appropriate message for today, tomorrow, and the rest of the year. Remember in November!   *Video from the Planned Parenthood Political Action Fund

Right to Lifers: You can’t make this stuff up

Yesterday the Huffington Post ran a story about Planned Parenthood clinics being targeted by suspected members of an anti-abortion group (Live Action) hoping to obtain (or fabricate?) video showing illegal […]

personhood cartoon, updated

Oklahoma GOP kills personhood bill

(Updated April 21, 2012 at 6:21 pm MDT) The Republican caucus in the Oklahoma House of Representatives has voted to kill the proposed Personhood Act and not let it go […]