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Category: war on women

Contraception experts panel

The religious rape of American women

Catholic men of America — and all conservatives who support them — you’re not going to win this debate. You are not going to deprive American women of the benefits […]

This is not a person

Embryos gain personhood in Oklahoma bill

Oklahoma, sometimes referred to as the “reddest” state in the union and the “buckle on the Bible belt,” is working hard to keep those titles. The Oklahoma Senate has approved […]

birth control pills

Semantics in religion and law

I’m still scratching my head over the furor with Pres. Obama and the Catholic Church about providing contraception for employees. As I understand it, the edict from Washington originally said […]

Handel resigns from Susan G. Komen Foundation

Karen Handel, controversial VP at the Susan G. Komen Foundation, has resigned. About time, considering what she cost the organization. Related articles AP confirms Handel’s role in Komen’s Planned Parenthood […]

Komen relents, sort of

Media are reporting now that the Susan G. Komen Foundation has yielded to public pressure. Komen will continue its funding to Planned Parenthood. Komen’s statement: We want to apologize to […]