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Category: war on women

Susan G. Komen officials resign in protest

Several top officials of the Susan G. Komen Foundation have resigned in protest over Komen’s withdrawal of grant money from Planned Parenthood. Anger over Komen’s decision has already prompted enough […]

Santorum: Raped? Pregnant? It’s a gift

Just when I thought GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum couldn’t impress me as any more extreme, I saw this video on the Huffington Post. His idea of right to life […]

Plan B

Plan B: Politics trumps science

Something disturbing happened in Washington this week. No, it wasn’t election related. It wasn’t even Congress related. It was a single individual, Katherine Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, […]

Herman Cain

A woman’s take on Herman Cain

Herman Cain’s attitude toward women is starting to make me sick. Four women have accused him of sexual harassment, and one of them described something more akin to assault than […]

Focus on the Family ad: Part II

Y’all remember back during the Super Bowl, there was a big flap about the evangelical group Focus on the Family running an ad with Tim Tebow and his mom? Pro […]

Super Bowl wrong place for abortion ad

Abortion and the Super Bowl. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Yep, CBS has sold a 30-second Super Bowl spot to the evangelical, anti-abortion, anti-gay activist group Focus […]