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Category: blogging

Twitter sans cell

Trying something new in the the sidebar — the Twitter widget. I don’t tweet; I don’t routinely use a cell phone. But it did occur to me that the Twitter […]

A ‘Christmouse’ meme — bah, humbug

I’ve been tagged by Mabs to do a “Christmouse” memories post with twelve holiday memories for the Twelve Days of Christmas. Being the grinch I am, my first thought was […]

Yes, I know I keep changing themes

Yes, yes, I know I changed themes not that long ago. But I suddenly started missing the Vigilance theme, so I’m bringing it back. Hey, at least it’s free. And […]

Heads up, WP bloggers

So, didja catch the latest feature from WordPress? They announce these things so quietly, they’re easy to miss, but I suppose pop-ups, pop-unders, or flashing, blinking text would be too […]

Should a blog owner reply to comments?

I’ve always thought of my follow-up remarks to readers’ comments as a sort of acknowledgment of the comments and perhaps a continuation or encouragement of a discussion. For some reason, […]

WordPress stats I’d like to see

I’ve wished for some time that WordPress’s statistics included (a) the total number of words in a blog, and (b) a ranking of the blog’s all-time most popular posts. It […]

WordPress adds archive options

I just noticed this morning that WordPress has added some options for our blog archives. It’s not a perfect fix, but it certainly improves upon the very limited archive displays […]