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Category: WordPress

WordPress: Paving cow paths

A few days ago WordPress users got a letter from Matt — Matt Mullenweg, WP’s founding developer — reporting on the growth of his baby. In the course of his […]

WordPress releases ‘Piano Black’ theme

It’s true. Nothing makes a color image “pop” like a black matrix or background. If you don’t believe me, try previewing WordPress’s newest theme, “Piano Black,” on your WP blog. […]

‘Fair Use’ and the Flickr widget

I stumbled across an interesting topic in the WordPress forums last night — whether a blogger can use the Flickr widget to display thumbnails of photos other than his or […]

Ouch, WordPress lesson learned

I just got an unpleasant reminder about how this blog may sometimes look to my readers, and I’m not happy. First of all, please accept my apologies if you have […]

My (page) designing mind

Pied Type has a new look — again — and the simple explanation is the lady changed her mind. But there’s more to it than that. The dark Choco theme […]