About those sidebar calendars

Here’s a quick question for bloggers and blog readers. Do you ever use or refer to the calendars posted on many WordPress blogs? Do you use them to remind yourself what day it is, or to see what posts, if any, appeared on a specific date? Did you even know that clicking on highlighted dates brings up that day’s post(s)? Just curious. I sometimes put a calendar in my sidebar, thinking people might use it to click through to posts on a []

Testing: This is WP’s new sticky post feature

WordPress announced a new “sticky post” feature this morning. I didn’t know this was in the pipeline but I love anything that adds flexibility to my blog presentation. I’ve seen it used on game forums and boards and it can be extremely useful for keeping a hot topic at the top of the page. Note: Cool! You can stick more than one post to your front page, as shown below. (Post “unstuck” at 7 pm.)

We interrupt this program for … a little blogrolling

I have received my first ever blog award (and you never forget your first time!). It’s from Java Queen! JQ runs one of my favorite personal blogs and I’m delighted she thought to include me among her recipients. I’ve always thought of this blog as sort of a mixed bag of indeterminate purpose (said to be bad for readership) — mostly political, but lapsing into whatever other areas attract my attention. I would like to present this award to some of my []

Now you can go after ScienceGuide splog through Google

If any of your posts have been scraped by ScienceGuide.net, the splog that scraped me, there is now significant recourse (I think). The site now sports Google ads, which gives us victims the right to lodge complaints with Google. Instructions for doing so are on the Google site. Look in your dashboard for sites that have linked to your blog. If ScienceGuide.net has done so, you’ve been scraped. Click on that link and you’ll be taken to one of your posts displayed on their site. []

I got scraped by scienceguide.net

Scienceguide.net is a splogger. They stole my recent MIT article — lock, stock and picture — and posted it at http://www.scienceguide.net/mit-solar-energy-storage-project-puts-big-oil-notice. It was a little post, just a note about something I thought was cool, but I guess I have an intensely possessive nature or something. Sooo … knowing there was little I could do about it, I did what another WordPress blogger did. I doctored the picture they linked to. The above is what I hope shows on their site now []

Women of the blogging community, what say you?

Writer Chick, over on Writer Chick Talks, has tapped some of her female acquaintances to examine their perceptions and attitudes about women bloggers. I felt honored to have been included in the survey, although I don’t think I contributed anything particularly insightful or unique. In the first of several posts, WC gives a little background on each of the participants. They are a diverse, accomplished group of women and I look forward to exploring their blogs. Their bios have added faces and personalities to the inevitably stark list of sidebar links. I’m looking forward []

If you came to read my July posts, you’re too late

Oh, $%&^&^%#!!!!@^*$%”>$%&^&^%#!!!!@^*$%!#!!!!! That’s the sound of me inadvertantly deleting all my July posts. WAHHHH!! It’s really easy to do if you have a test blog. You decide to clear the test blog in order to start over. Just click that one little box at the top of your Manage Posts screen and hit Delete. There’s no warning that pops up and says “Are you sure you want to delete all your posts?” No red type. Nothing. Those posts just started zipping outta there like a []

I solved my Creative Commons widget problem

Finally!! I’ve wrestled off and on for several weeks to get my Creative Commons license set up in my sidebar and today I succeeded. I had it working once before, then either I broke it or the WordPress folks did. Along the way I’ve been able to get the image to show, but without a link; the text to show, but without the image; both elements to show, but working only in Firefox, not IE. (The WordPress guys need to optimize for []