WordPress strikes again

Note the ugly truncated titles in my “Current Bestsellers” widget. It wasn’t that way yesterday, and I didn’t do anything to change it. WordPress did it, of course. They’ve changed the Top Posts & Pages widget to enable the addition… Read More ›

Reader input requested

Just looking for a little input from readers. Currently I have the topics “Internet,” “blogging,” and “WordPress” indexed under Media/Comm. Every time I write something to be filed under one of these, I hesitate and wonder if readers would more… Read More ›

WordPress, have you been naughty?

First, I plead guilty right up front to paranoia. There could easily be another explanation for this, although at the moment I cannot think of one. On a prior post, philosophermouseofthehedge left a comment mentioning WordPress’s available no-ads upgrade. I… Read More ›