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Category: WordPress

WordPress, have you been naughty?

First, I plead guilty right up front to paranoia. There could easily be another explanation for this, although at the moment I cannot think of one. On a prior post, […]

Update on WP gremlins

Sure enough, there was a post in the forums from WordPress staff member “ajmattic” (now probably hiding somewhere in a witness protection program): The reported behavior of email notification for […]

WP gremlins strike again

(Updated May 8, 2012 at 9:18 am MDT) WordPress has done it again, and by now you’ve probably noticed. Something they did over the weekend, whether intentionally or not, now […]

Doggone it, WordPress

WordPress debuted three new themes this morning. I love new themes. Even if I don’t adopt one of them, it’s always fun to see new design ideas. The one disappointing […]

curious cat

Look what the cat dragged in

As a blog administrator, I love to peruse my stats for clues as to who is visiting Pied Type, how and why they came here, what they were looking for, […]