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Category: Internet

Women of the blogging community, what say you?

Writer Chick, over on Writer Chick Talks, has tapped some of her female acquaintances to examine their perceptions and attitudes about women bloggers. I felt honored to have been included in the survey, although I […]

Riding the election wave; what’s next?

It appears that the current election cycle is attracting most of Pied Type’s readers, followed by economic issues. Clearly the favorite topic here in the last few months has been […]

Who needs hackers?

Hackers, for a number of years, have been the driving force behind the security measures instituted on the Internet. Virtually every website that asks us to enter a password or […]

Hacking Google

The NSA, when it feels the need, listens in on our phone conversations. This so-called wiretapping takes many forms: bugging, tapping, intercepting, snooping through phone company records, etc. The technology […]

In the beginning…

Hello, world. It’s me again. Perhaps only briefly this time, but who knows. I need someone to talk to, and have no one, so maybe here I’ll just talk to […]