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Damn it, Dick!

Dick Cheney finally talked to the press today about his hunting accident. Well, sort of. He talked to Fox News. One news outlet.

Damn it, Dick, you’re the vice president of the United States! You’re responsible to all of us! We all want to hear from you, in a general press conference with all the networks present and all questions answered. You don’t have the luxury of a private life when you’re an elected official.

Hacking Google

The NSA, when it feels the need, listens in on our phone conversations. This so-called wiretapping takes many forms: bugging, tapping, intercepting, snooping through phone company records, etc. The technology these days is diverse and extremely sophisticated.

It is all too easy, then, to imagine that if Google, for example, refuses a government request for information, the government could simply hack that company’s system and take what it wants.

Bad writing

The entry below (Dancing with the wind) is true. It happened, it was charming and memorable, and I really wanted to capture it so that I could revisit it. But I read it now and it sounds stilted, contrived, overly dramatic. I wish I could figure out why, but I just can’t seem to put my finger on the problem.

It’s happened to me before, this failed effort to capture a moment or a thought in such a way that others will react to it as I did. Am I somehow overwriting, overthinking, trying too hard? All I know is when I read it later, I react negatively.

Rather embarrassing

Dan Rather (Suzanne Plunkett / AP file)

It’s sad, really, to see someone of Dan Rather’s stature lose his journalistic judgment in the twilight of his career. He and Mary Mapes should resign from CBS, if they aren’t fired first. Burkett, their source for the Bush National Guard story, was known to be unreliable long before they accepted those documents from him.

Rather probably deserved to go out on a higher note, but it was his choice. His biggest mistake was an inexcusable lapse of professional objectivity, care, and attention to detail. He has become an embarrassment to himself and his craft.