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Rather embarrassing

Dan Rather (Suzanne Plunkett / AP file)

It’s sad, really, to see someone of Dan Rather’s stature lose his journalistic judgment in the twilight of his career. He and Mary Mapes should resign from CBS, if they aren’t fired first. Burkett, their source for the Bush National Guard story, was known to be unreliable long before they accepted those documents from him.

Rather probably deserved to go out on a higher note, but it was his choice. His biggest mistake was an inexcusable lapse of professional objectivity, care, and attention to detail. He has become an embarrassment to himself and his craft.

In the beginning…

Hello, world. It’s me again. Perhaps only briefly this time, but who knows. I need someone to talk to, and have no one, so maybe here I’ll just talk to everyone. Or to no one. If a blog is written but never read, is it truly a blog? Or is it only a typing exercise for the author?

About blog design

Why choose one blog template over another? One good reason: This one is readable. So many of those offered use very wide columns for the entries, or a color combination that’s hard on the eyes, or reverse type, or worst of all, ALL of the above. As a semi-retired publications designer, I give most of the free templates an “F” on readability.