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Category: Media

Doin’ the WordPress switch again

As you can see, I’ve been redecorating again. What you’re looking at, for the moment at least, is “The Morning After” theme. It certainly isn’t the most attractive front page […]

I will not live in fear

Tuesday the Huffington Post ran a story in which Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was warning against the “very real” threat of another terrorist attack. Great. What did he expect me […]

InfoCentral for the 2012 election

Want a handy schedule of all the upcoming GOP presidential debates? I came across a nice one at 2012 Election Central. Dates, times, places, networks. It also has videos of […]

Jerry Lewis

MDA telethon airs without Jerry Lewis

Apparently a lot of people are aghast that Jerry Lewis wasn’t hosting this year’s Muscular Dystrophy Labor Day telethon. There are claims Lewis was forced out suddenly because of something […]

Whatever Sarah wants, Sarah (still) gets

I was enjoying my morning coffee, still in that comfy half-awake, pre-caffeinated state, easing into my day, sort of watching CNN because it’s a totally passive endeavor. And suddenly there […]