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Category: Media

Irene cone of probability

Nothing funny about Irene

Not to minimize the danger and disruption that Hurricane Irene is about to spread up the East Coast, but I’ve gotten a bit fixated on one recurring detail in the […]

Curtis Killorn painted tree

Curtis Killorn: Artist or vandal?

Curtis Killorn, an artist in Salida, Colo., likes his canvases au naturel. He finds and paints trees. Dead ones. Snags. The kind that a property owner might cut down. Or […]

Hey, WordPress, check this out

In a previous post about things I’d like to see added to WordPress themes, I mentioned liking dynamic features, features that change or move or work in interesting ways. WordPress […]

‘Please don’t shoot, sir’

CNN’s Sara Sidner (pronounced Side-ner) has spent most of the day reporting from in and around Gadhafi’s compound in Tripoli, Libya. What a woman! That’s right. A woman. Flak jacket, […]

Name that tune

Funny how the mind works. When it works. If it works. I was in the kitchen fixing lunch and out of the blue I recalled a line from an old […]

WordPress: Paving cow paths

A few days ago WordPress users got a letter from Matt — Matt Mullenweg, WP’s founding developer — reporting on the growth of his baby. In the course of his […]

Dominionism and the presidency

Dominionism. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t until today, when CNN’s Jack Cafferty did a piece on it. His question was, “How much does it worry you if both Michele […]


  Sometimes the depth of my obliviousness hits me like a kick in the gut. I’m still trying to figure out how I’ve enjoyed this sunny little rendition of “Over […]