Run, Barack, run

Charlie Rose interviewed Barack Obama (D-IL) last night on PBS. I caught the last half of the show, and once again was spellbound by the Senator. Articulate, thoughtful, low-key but confident. It wasn’t so much Obama’s position on issues as… Read More ›

Who needs hackers?

Hackers, for a number of years, have been the driving force behind the security measures instituted on the Internet. Virtually every website that asks us to enter a password or any sensitive personal information usually has in place security measures… Read More ›

Rather embarrassing… again

It wasn’t enough that Dan Rather embarrassed himself, his network, and his profession a while back with that George Bush National Guard fiasco. Now he’s howling that CBS wasn’t living up to its contract agreement about his assignments and, in… Read More ›

Bird flu: Shame on ABC

A high percentage of Americans today tend to believe most of what they see on television, particularly when it is presented as “news.” Case in point: bird flu. The news media have hyped the threat of an avian flu pandemic… Read More ›