Big weekend for the little hummers

I’ve written before about Phoebe the hummingbird and her awesome live webcam in Southern California. You’ll recall she had the chick, Sassy, who did not develop normally and died despite last-minute human intervention. Since then, she has been incubating two new eggs in another nest in the same lovely rosebush. They are due to hatch this weekend, probably in the early morning, according to the knowledgeable folks who visit the site. Just a few miles from Phoebe is another hummer webcam. This []

Twitter sans cell

Trying something new in the the sidebar — the Twitter widget. I don’t tweet; I don’t routinely use a cell phone. But it did occur to me that the Twitter widget would be a way to add brief, passing thoughts or comments that don’t warrant an entire post. I’ve set the widget to show only two tweets, but you can see them all by clicking on the head, “Sans Cell,” or whatever I change that to. Replies have been enabled. Don’t know []

‘Family Guy’ and the family gal

Sarah Palin is reportedly angry that the TV show “Family Guy” poked fun at one of her kids. I’d say which one, but then she’d probably get mad at me either for mentioning one of her children or for using a politically incorrect adjective to describe him. Anyway, suffice it to say Sarah seems to get upset about a lot of things (I call her Sarah because I know she likes to be casual and folksy). She even gets upset about things []

Hummingbird chick testing that wing thing

UPDATE: Feb. 18, 11:30 am MT — Sassy was removed from her nest a few minutes ago and taken to an expert for special care and feeding until she is able to survive on her own. She will be safe and well cared for and her mom, Phoebe, will no longer have to struggle to support a large but underdeveloped chick that normally would have left the nest by now. Phoebe is already hard at work repairing her nest and preparing it []

NBC opens Olympics with death video

Launching its coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies this evening,  NBC took the low road. In the first ten minutes of an eagerly awaited family television event, during the dinner hour, NBC ran the video of Nodar Kumaritashvili’s fatal luge crash. Twice. I was absolutely appalled. Not an hour before, I’d been on the phone with my son, reminding him to have the TV on so my grandchildren, ages 4 and 7, could enjoy the pageantry of the Opening Ceremonies. []

McCaaaaain, you did this!

I was shocked and deeply disappointed when John McCain named Sarah Palin as his GOP running mate back in 2008. Since then, I’ve just been getting angrier and angrier. He created and loosed upon us the creature that has haunted us ever since. He lifted her from obscurity, pumped her full of political one-liners, dreams of power and influence, and an inflated sense of self-importance, and introduced her to the nation as an honest-to-gosh GOP-endorsed vice-presidential candidate. She responded to the lights, []

Time waits for no man … or woman

I just caught Barry Manilow on a late night show. Second time in the last month or so. Same reaction both times. OMG, he’s so thin! True, it’s been years since I’ve seen him. But still … Then he starts singing and it’s like watching a spindly heron working the shallows. Strangest of all is his face. It doesn’t move. It is expressionless, emotionless. A shiny mask. This is not Barry Manilow. This is a strange mechanized Mannilow mannequin lip syncing old []

Hummingbird and chick on live webcam

Phoebe is an Allen’s hummingbird. She and her chick, Sassy, are nesting in an Orange County, Calif.,  rose bush. Be patient; it takes time to load. You may need to click “reload.” And, oh yes, lights out after dark: This feed was acquired at, and is also available at Ustream, where you can read a lot more about Phoebe and Sassy and join in a live chat with other Phoebe phans. If you’re familiar with hummers, you’ll love this. If you’re []

Have you seen this man?

There’s no escaping ads on the Internet, and I manage to look through or past most of them, most of the time. Until the day this guy showed up. Who or what is he anyway? He’s not for real, right? Nobody really looks like this, do they? So the advertiser is going for shock value? Humor? Being unforgettable? How ’bout bizarre? I couldn’t tell you what he’s selling. I only notice him because he’s so weirdly geeky semi-simian–looking. He creeps me out. []