The giraffe is back

DirecTV’s silly Russian guy is back with another ad. He has added a weightlifter to his entourage of beautiful women. Also back and busily upstaging him is his mini giraffe. No longer a lazy, pampered pet, the giraffe is now… Read More ›

Why AP spells it ‘Gadhafi’

More than forty years after Libya’s leader seized power, there is still no consensus on the spelling of his name. CNN and MSNBC prefer “Gadhafi”; the New York Times and Fox News use “Qaddafi”; the Washington Post prefers “Gaddafi” and… Read More ›

Sure cure for winter blahs

Winter getting you down? Here’s a suggestion: Phoebe the hummingbird has two new babies, Bea and Jay, in her nest in Southern California. She’s on a live, streaming webcam, complete with all the spring sounds of birds chirping, hummer wings… Read More ›