Maddow does the math

Thanks to IzaakMak at I Want Ice Water for bringing this video to my attention. The following is Rachel Maddow’s commentary last night about political spending in this year’s presidential campaign. Arguably one of the smartest analysts on television today,… Read More ›

Jobs, jobs, jobortion

This is an admittedly liberal view of what Republicans are doing about “jobs, jobs, jobortion,” as Rachel Maddow puts it. Nobody does liberal better than Maddow. Briefly, Maddow goes off on Republicans who, despite their insistence that the issue is… Read More ›

Dick Clark was my VJ

American music icon Dick Clark died this morning at age 82. Hard to imagine that, really. He’d been a part of the music scene since I first became aware there was a music scene. I watched him on “American Bandstand,”… Read More ›