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Category: personalities

Update on dog bite victim Kyle Dyer

Over the weekend, Kyle Dyer, the KUSA TV anchor who was bitten in the face by a dog last week, described the details of her reconstructive surgery. “After a 4 […]

Whitney Houston

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

I’m still trying to process the news that Whitney Houston is gone. Only 48 years old. She had struggled in recent years but I was always hopeful that she’d make […]

Cee Lo Green

Dissing the bard

Well, I’m a little late to the barbecue, but I just learned that on New Year’s Eve, Cee Lo Green sang John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Only thing is, he changed the […]

Tony Bennett

The Tony Bennett conspiracies

Last Monday on Howard Stern’s radio show, singer Tony Bennett stirred up a hornet’s nest when he said then-President George W. Bush had confided to him that starting the Iraq […]