Seriously, Newsweek?

Must be the silly season for magazine covers. First Time magazine sports a bare-breasted mom nursing her three-year-old, and now Newsweek has declared Obama “The First Gay President.” The race to the bottom has really heated up, hasn’t it? Decades-old… Read More ›

Time cover sinks to new low

For decades Time magazine has been America’s go-to news magazine. But their May 21 issue, due on newsstands next week, features what may be their most blatantly sensationalistic cover ever: Talk about pandering to the lowest common denominator. Oh sure,… Read More ›

Why wilderness?

Excerpt from This Is the American Earth by Nancy Newhall ¸ To the primal wonders no road can ever lead; they are not so won. To know them you shall leave road and roof behind; you shall go light and… Read More ›