Just so’s ya know

Just saw an ad on TV for Ally Bank. Huh? Who would be starting up a new bank in our current lousy economic environment? A few keystrokes later, I found out. GMAC. Ain’t “rebranding” a hoot? GM’s name is Mudd… Read More ›

We come bearing gifts

Over the weekend I heard stunning news: many of the nation’s largest health care organizations are banding together and offering to help President Obama reduce health care costs!! That they’ve gotten together and made the offer, I can believe. That… Read More ›

The little building that could

This is Ugland House, George Town, Cayman Islands. Its sole tenant is Maples and Calder, a law firm and company services provider. Yet, amazingly, this modest little office building on South Church Street is the current address of 18,857 corporations…. Read More ›