Almost Mother’s Day

A least tern tends her eggs on a Mississippi beach, one of many U.S. beaches directly threatened by oil drifting in the Gulf of Mexico.

Please don’t post kids’ pictures

Today I accidentally stumbled onto someone’s personal website and saw names, other personal information, and some lovely family photos that I’m pretty sure weren’t meant to be accessible to the public. Seriously, folks, it’s been said many times before, but it bears repeating: Do not post pictures of children on the Internet! It’s far too easy for someone to copy the pictures and reuse them for their own purposes. All it takes is Select > Right Click > “Save Image As … []

America: A picture is worth a thousand words

Hands reach for Barack Obama at a rally in Orlando. I’ve always been a fan of the “picture within the picture,” the interesting details that tell you more than a big crowd shot or a landscape panorama. This picture grabbed my attention because there were so many hands of different colors, all reaching for each other. It seemed so symbolic, so much more meaningful than just another picture of the candidate working the crowd. It took a while for me to figure []

Denver demonstrators: safety in numbers … and masks

Yesterday, while I watched TV and worried, my daughter-in-law was in downtown Denver in the middle of, and taking pictures of, the demonstrations. For those of you who want the woman-in-the-street view, she posted the pictures on her photoblog. She also posted some short videos on YouTube under the name AliceAitch and title “DNC Protests – Sunday” The demonstrations might have been little more than a long Sunday walk (two miles from the State Capitol to the Pepsi Center) were it not for []

It’s tough out there for Olympic photographers

Some photographers at the Beijing Olympics get tougher assignments than others. Take, for example, the poor guy(s) who had to shoot the hand signals the beach volleyball players use. Bear in mind the players flash the signals behind their backs, hiding them from their opponents but severely limiting the chances for good pictures. That left the poor photog with few options, but he soldiered bravely on and came up with a gallery of 20 shots for NBC. You have to pity the guy, sitting out []

Oops, I overdid the rain dance thing

  I was celebrating a nice rain shower just a few days ago. It didn’t amount to much, but it knocked the temp down by 20°. Nice. Then I made the mistake of saying it didn’t even dent the drought. Me and my big mouth. It rained today. Man, did it rain!! The skies opened up and it poured at the rate of an inch an hour all over the metro area, out across the eastern plains, and up into Wyoming. Streets []