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Category: Clinton

Austin debate a draw; Obama wins

Tonight’s Democratic presidential debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton struck me as basically a draw, and according to the predictions of the pundits, that means Obama won. That said, […]

And the beat goes on …

Barack Obama is being declared the winner in today’s Wisconsin Democratic primary. And apparently while some of us were busy watching “American Idol,” Hillary Clinton was giving another non-concession speech […]

Hillary doesn’t cry… again

Crocodile tears. Or not. Depends on who you ask. But again today, again on the eve of an important primary election day, Hillary got misty-eyed. Or not. Was she remembering […]

Barack Obama to America: Yes we can!

Borrowing from the 2006 immigration reform protestors’ chant “Sí se puede,” Barack Obama tonight launched the next phase of his campaign with the mantra “Yes we can.” Not original, but […]