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Quiz tells which candidate best matches you

ABC News has posted a quiz that tells you which candidate’s positions best match yours. Each of the questions offers four or five possible answers, and you can only choose one. Not surprisingly, the complex issues do not lend themselves to single short answers, and there’s a good chance your particular preference isn’t even listed.

Still, I jumped in and answered the questions as best I could. According to the quiz, the best match for me is (drum roll, please … ) John Edwards, followed by Barack Obama, and Chris Dodd.

Hmm. Well, I’ll take that under advisement.

Note: March 14, 2008 – Since this quiz was originally posted, many of the candidates in it have dropped out of the race. Readers might want to check today’s post for a more up-to-date quiz matching their personal views with the remaining candidates.

Edwards vs. Cheney: No clear winner

Edwards looked like a cocky kid in some of the cut-aways. And he didn’t always answer the questions put to him. He spoke about Kerry when he was asked about himself and his experience, or lack of it.

Cheney. The Halliburton thing still stinks, but I can’t help liking a serious, intelligent, thoughtful man.

I’d call it a draw.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, neither of these two is at the top of the ticket in November.

Howard Dean: scary

Well, Howard Dean made a fool of himself Monday night… a really scary fool. He just confirmed the decision I’d made a few days before… that I didn’t want a loose cannon as my president. I began thinking seriously about Kerry after seeing a late-night CSPAN broadcast of him at a rally. He didn’t seem at all the haughty patrician that I’d imagined him to be, and I was quite taken with him.

Edwards, too, is looking very good to me now, though perhaps a bit green compared to Kerry. I get the feeling Edwards would be eaten alive in Washington by the old guard. Most of all, I just want the candidate with the best chance of beating Bush. Talk about loose cannons! He’s the really scary one!