Election 2008

Not an atheist among ’em

Decided to answer my own question about the religions of the ’08 presidential candidates and found the following compilation from the Associated Press on the Nashua (NH) Telegraph‘s website: DEMOCRATS Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden: Roman Catholic New York Sen. Hillary Rodham… Read More ›

Run, Barack, run

Charlie Rose interviewed Barack Obama (D-IL) last night on PBS. I caught the last half of the show, and once again was spellbound by the Senator. Articulate, thoughtful, low-key but confident. It wasn’t so much Obama’s position on issues as… Read More ›

Flip-flop or not

Is John Kerry’s “flip-flopping” really that? Or is he a thoughtful, open-minded person willing to reconsider and refine his beliefs as new information comes to light? Is George Bush really staunch, steadfast, determined? Or is he just plain stubborn and… Read More ›