Election 2008

Hmm, I’ve just been diagnosed with OCED

According to CNN’s Miles O’Brien, I have OCED — obsessive-compulsive election disorder. Ouch. It was a cute little filler feature on CNN, but the man really hit home with his thesis. I definitely have OCED. I check the polls online several times a day. I read most of the stories on Real Clear Politics from all sides of the political spectrum. I listen to the pundits all day; the TV is on almost constantly, tuned to one or another of the big []

Repugnant Dole ad attacks godlessness

I’m so disappointed with Elizabeth Dole. I’ve always liked her and thought she was a decent, honorable person — certainly not the mean-spirited prick her husband turned out to be. But her “godless” ad in North Carolina struck me as really despicable. It is so beneath a woman of Dole’s (former) stature to resort to this sort of thing: Most people who object to this ad do so because they consider “godless” to be a pejorative, and certainly the ad uses it []

Sullivan spells it out for conservatives

“The Top Ten Reasons Conservatives Should Vote for Obama.” Andy Sullivan wields his pen and cuts to the heart of the matter — as usual. Check it out if you are still undecided. The man always makes sense. Sullivan is a British Citizen living in the U.S., a Roman Catholic, and a self-described “libertarian conservative.”

Breaking my Palin promise

I’ve just about stopped reading news of the presidential campaign since, unless I’m struck deaf and blind, I’m going to be inundated with it anyway. Still, I like to peruse the headlines over at Real Clear Politics just to get a sense of what’s being said about the campaign, and this morning I came across “Messianic Pretensions” by Canadian columnist David Warren. Having thought most of the diatribes about Obama’s “messianic pretensions” were past, I wondered if this one offered anything new. []

America: A picture is worth a thousand words

Hands reach for Barack Obama at a rally in Orlando. I’ve always been a fan of the “picture within the picture,” the interesting details that tell you more than a big crowd shot or a landscape panorama. This picture grabbed my attention because there were so many hands of different colors, all reaching for each other. It seemed so symbolic, so much more meaningful than just another picture of the candidate working the crowd. It took a while for me to figure []

Powell endorses Obama and what America can be

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama for president. The endorsement alone was enough to be worth preserving and replaying by Obama fans. More important, however, was Powell’s explanation of why he is supporting Obama:

I don’t care if Mickey Mouse is registered to vote

The news has been full of stories about “voter fraud” this week. It seems the rolls of registered voters in some states are growing rapidly with the addition of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters, dead people, children, and probably anything else that imaginative good-for-nothings can dream up. Many of the signatures appear to come from the same individuals, people who obviously have too much time on their hands. It’s also being reported that most of these new registrants are listed as []

Uh oh; I r terrist?

Hmm, I just noticed my little weather widget says “Weather Underground.” It’s a good place to go for online weather information, by the way, but it occurs to me now that someone (initials S.P.) might think I’m promoting William Ayers’ 1969 radical group of the same name. Ayers and I are, after all, contemporaries. Oh dear. Guilt by association. I plan to vote for Obama. Obama knows Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers founded the violent Weather Underground Organization. Sarah Palin was talking about []

Colorado ballot boasts 16 presidential candidates

Did you realize there are 16 people running for president this year? Or maybe it would be more precise to say there are 16 presidential candidates on the Colorado ballot this year. I’m not sure why the bit players even bother. There must be fees and procedures for getting on the ballot in each state, right? How (and why) does someone with no chance of winning justify the expense and hassle of getting onto the ballot? Beats me. Anyway, I got my []