Election 2012

Santorum still confused

On Meet the Press this morning, GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum again condemned Pres. Obama for apologizing to Afghanistan for the accidental burning of some Korans by U.S. troops. He said the president should not have apologized for something that… Read More ›

Semantics in religion and law

I’m still scratching my head over the furor with Pres. Obama and the Catholic Church about providing contraception for employees. As I understand it, the edict from Washington originally said all Catholic institutions had to cover/pay for/provide contraception for female… Read More ›

Candidate match game

USA Today has a presidential candidate match game on its website. But the multi-choice answers often didn’t include my particular preferences, so my results were disappointing. I matched most closely with Jon Huntsman (out of the race), then Romney, then… Read More ›

Make it stop!

Am I going to have to turn off the news from now to November so I won’t have to hear Romney sing “America, the Beautiful” again? One more iteration and I’m going to be violently ill.