La Raza captures the flag

Seeking a little background information from the Hispanic side of the illegal immigration issue, I went to the La Raza website. My attention was drawn immediately to their display of photos from many of the recent, massive public demonstrations. I… Read More ›

McKinney is wrong, wrong, wrong

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) is painfully, conspicuously off base in her story of her “assault” by a Capitol guard. Immediately playing the race card in what is clearly a security issue, not a racial issue, is irresponsible. She makes a… Read More ›

Officially unaffiliated

It’s official; I’m no longer a registered Democrat. Nor did I have any desire to return to the Republican fold where I spent most of my life (until GWB was nominated). As it turned out, I couldn’t register “Independent” in… Read More ›

Come back, Colin Powell

Colin Powell appeared on the Jay Leno “Tonight” show last night. In short order, Leno was asking him about the Dubai Ports deal, the White House wiretapping, and other issues of the day. Powell, as always, was gracious and articulate…. Read More ›

Ports in a storm

The proposed sale of six U.S. ports to Dubai Ports World, an arm of the United Arab Emerates (UAE) government, has created a storm of controversy. My initial reaction to the announcement was great alarm and I remain very concerned… Read More ›