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Excuses, excuses

Oh joy. The “peaceniks” in Washington said Bush just wants Iraq’s oil. It’s not unreasonable to assume that might be at least a part of his motivation.

Well, damned if he hasn’t now come up with a pretext for seizing those oil fields! (to protect them from Saddam) Hmmmm…

English ala Bush

Please, Mr. Bush, stop embarrassing yourself in public!! There is a difference between persecution and prosecution and most college-educated people know the difference. You embarrass me and the country with mistakes like that in your prepared speeches. Use your speechwriters, have them double-check your every word, and then stick to the script.

About this Iraq thing

I’m sorry, people, but it sure looks to me like warmongering on Bush’s part. Why is he so anxious to rush in there and start a war, anyway? He was ready to go before he even consulted with our allies and the rest of the world. And it sounds to me like he’s ready to go to war whether or not anyone else agrees with him, whether or not the inspectors find a “smoking gun.” If they find a smoking gun, he says he’ll attack Iraq. If they don’t find a smoking gun, he says it just means the Iraqis aren’t cooperating, and he’ll attack Iraq. Yeah. Uh huh.

Sure, we’re the strongest nation on earth, and we can jolly well do what we please without consulting anyone else. But does that make it right? Bush has taken such a shrill, imperialist tone about the whole thing… it’s no wonder so many nations hate us; I wouldn’t like us very much either. I hope the world realizes he doesn’t speak for all Americans.

And meantime, what about Osama Bin Laden!? Shouldn’t we finish that job first?

I don’t want to police the world. We have enough problems right here at home that need attention.