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Category: Politics

Ya think?

Does Donald Trump ever consider the consequences of his actions? It appears that he does not. Or he simply doesn’t care. Like a kid, he does what he damn well […]

Trump is breaking America

Even if you live in a virtual cave, you can’t have missed the ongoing stories about how Trump is gutting America’s environmental protection agencies and laws, forcing out scientists and […]

Hating liars

Presidential candidate Joe Biden really got my attention last week … and not in a good way. First there was the “No malarkey” tour. Okay, that’s a nice, if dated, […]

Nope, not gonna do it

Nope, I won’t be doing any binge-watching either. I know the charges and I want to know the final result. What happens in between is no more interesting than normal […]

News to me: Joe Biden stutters

Not until this week did I know Joe Biden has been dealing with stuttering all his life. While his speech patterns and hesitations occasionally raise questions about his mental acuity, […]