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Category: Politics

Calling a spade a spade

I’m no fan of Senate majority leader Harry Reid, though I’m closer to his age than to the younger generation in Congress. Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble seeing what […]

Cheney, go snarl someplace else

“Obama is trying to pretend we’re not at war,” intones former Vice Pres. Cheney. Well, bully for Cheney. He got pegged as Darth Vader when he was in office, and […]

PC it isn’t, but profiling is logical

It’s almost verboten in our society to speak of profiling, much less engage in it. Profiling is not Politically Correct, you know. And yet, that’s exactly what we need to […]

Yet another terrorist failure

The Nigerian terrorist who set off an incendiary device on a Detroit-bound airliner yesterday was instantly subdued by alert passengers and crew. Had he succeeded in bringing down that plane, […]

How to change the modus operandi in DC

I have to laugh at Republicans who are questioning the legality of the Medicaid deal Sen. Ben Nelson got for his state of Nebraska. Ten of them, apparently all attorneys-general […]

I wouldn’t feed it to my dog

They say lawmaking in Washington is like sausage making; we’re better off not seeing what goes on behind the scenes. We should just ignore the process and enjoy the end […]

A compulsion to comment

I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve got to comment on two stories the press just can’t seem to let go of. Tiger Woods Move along, people. Nothing here but salacious […]