Assured scorn in America

I’ve always had the feeling that scorn is one thing assured to secularists, humanists, agnostics, atheists, etc., in our society. It’s a predominantly Christian society that seems to have a decidedly un-Christian attitude toward non-Christians and especially toward non-believers. I’ve even seen statements… Read More ›

Whose blasphemy?

Muslims think depictions of Mohammed are blasphemous. I understand that. They are outraged over the Danish cartoons containing pictures of Mohammed. I understand that. But Muslims didn’t draw or publish the cartoons. Nor is Denmark a Muslim country. Muslims did… Read More ›

Why I’m voting for Kerry

I’m voting for John Kerry. Why? I’ll try to keep it simple. I have several issues that usually decide elections for me: the environment and women’s rights (pro-choice, not pro-abortion). For me those issues have never been negotiable. I almost… Read More ›