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Category: Sci/Tech

The downside of gaming

Frustrating afternoon. Somebody hacked my Xbox account, bought $50 worth of Microsoft points, and got away with 4,000 ill-gotten points plus some 400 or so I had residing on the […]

Steve Jobs

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

What a remarkable individual he was. He defined a generation, an age, a revolution. In one way or another, he touched the life of every American. Somehow I thought he’d […]

A reminder about online privacy

I just saw a CNN report on Internet privacy and how so many entities track your every move for fun and profit. Far too many Internet users never give any […]

NASA space shuttles fly into history

In pre-dawn darkness, with appropriately dramatic lighting, U.S. space shuttle Atlantis made its 33rd and final landing this morning at Kennedy Space Center. The landing marked the end of America’s […]

PC to Mac: The journey begins

A week ago I finally got my long-awaited hand-me-down MacBook Pro laptop from my son. As I explained way back when, it was originally configured to meet the needs of […]