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Category: Sci/Tech

Back off, TSA

In the wake of public outrage over its security measures at US airports, the Transportation Security Administration has come out with all sorts of defensive statements about how thoroughly its […]

Surprise, the oil isn’t gone

Remember that little “oops” of an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico over the summer? That wee little incident that BP and the U.S. government kept insisting wasn’t as […]

Return of the ‘chirp!’

O, the irony! Exactly one year ago today, I wrote about a night interrupted by a chirping smoke detector. And in the wee hours this morning, it happened again. I […]

World TVs tuned to Chilean rescue

The world is watching and rejoicing this evening as 33 Chilean miners are being pulled one by one from their underground prison of 69 days. The entire story has been […]