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Category: Sci/Tech

Wiretapping, Obama-style

Two days ago this story appeared on the New York Times website: U.S. Tries to Make It Easier to Wiretap the Internet Shades of George Bush and his warrantless wiretaps. […]

Further Facebook folly

Here and elsewhere you’ve read cautionary tales about privacy, or the lack of it, on Facebook. Now comes another one. It seems that if you’re suing someone, the court may […]

A wee confession

While I have not changed my mind about the evils and just plain silliness of Facebook, I have a confession to make. I’ve set up a Pied Type page on […]

The logic escapes me

Dear S—-, You recently changed your email address for online banking. We are sending this message to the original email address to notify you that we will no longer contact […]

Dinosaurs I’ve known and loved

Much as it pains me to refer anyone to anything done by Fox News, I’m betting the average blog reader will be interested in this particular slide show: “12 Gadgets […]

Geocities lives on as Oocities

Some of you may recall that last summer Yahoo shut down Geocities, its free web hosting service. And with it went an untold amount of information posted by uncounted little […]

I should stop knocking Facebook, but …

I’ve already made it abundantly clear how I feel about Facebook, its invasions of and disregard for privacy, its myriad hazards, and the ultimate silliness of it all. I’m probably […]