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Category: Sci/Tech

Email, browsing, and bugs

I’ve learned something new this week about Internet security and privacy. Web bugs. Also known as web beacons. If you already know about them, you’re wondering what rock I’ve been […]

Best wishes, Tinkerhell

I’ve written before about how the gaming community can come together to support one of its own. More recently I’ve become aware of another such “coming together.” As some of […]

Another consumer rant

We’re into midsummer now and I’m still trying to judge the full impact of a rate increase from my power company, Xcel Energy. All their assurances that their new “tiered” […]

Just a shameless shill

There are so many lousy products and worse companies out there these days that when I do come across one I’m really happy with, I like to tell people about […]

Lots of fun, Warhammer-style

This is what I was doing for grins last night. Playing Warhammer. That’s me, Marly, partially obscured by the griffin in the foreground. Here the Order “zerg” is rolling north […]

June 1 brain dump

Lots of stuff going on in the world, almost everywhere but here. * * * BP today is going to be cutting off and removing the collapsed, kinked riser pipe […]