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Category: gaming

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Skyrim … doh!

*** Spoiler Alert *** While other people were engrossed in All Things Superbowl, I was playing Skyrim. I almost wish I hadn’t. At level 34, I was feeling pretty strong […]


A Skyrim situation

This blog probably won’t be getting much love this week. In what apparently seems hilarious to the non-family members who hear about it, my son and I gave each other […]

The downside of gaming

Frustrating afternoon. Somebody hacked my Xbox account, bought $50 worth of Microsoft points, and got away with 4,000 ill-gotten points plus some 400 or so I had residing on the […]

Best wishes, Tinkerhell

I’ve written before about how the gaming community can come together to support one of its own. More recently I’ve become aware of another such “coming together.” As some of […]

Lots of fun, Warhammer-style

This is what I was doing for grins last night. Playing Warhammer. That’s me, Marly, partially obscured by the griffin in the foreground. Here the Order “zerg” is rolling north […]

Aion starts today

The hot new MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game, for the uninitiated) starts today for those who preordered the game. Which I did. I know, I know, there probably isn’t […]